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Balance Shortfall Protection

Looking for Complete Coverage?

Try this policy.

This policy helps protect you and your family by covering the balance shortfall (in full or in part) in the event the unexpected were to happen to you. Balance Shortfall is the difference between the amount you owe to the finance institution and the value of your vehicle.

Depending on the program that you choose and the covered event

  • You may have the option to keep your vehicle and have 50% of your balance shortfall paid.
  • Or you may have the option to return your vehicle to the dealership and have the balance shortfall paid in full.
  • Whether you choose to return or keep your vehicle, this policy give you the freedom and the peace of mind to deal with life’s winding roads.
  • Of all loans that become delinquent in Canada, 3% are due to the unexpected death of the main household income earner, and 50% are due to loss of income related to a disabling accident or illness
  • Canadians between the ages of 20 & 65 have a 50% chance of having a disability that lasts longer than 3 months
  • 55% of working adult Canadians have no disability coverage
  • Accidents are the leading cause of death for Canadians 45 years of age and under
  • 1 in 3 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime

Features Include:

  • Worry-free protection from vehicle depreciation
  • Cost of coverage is the same regardless of age, occupation, vehicle make, model or price
  • Affordable joint coverage available
  • Previous finance/loan deficiencies are covered up to $3,500
  • Critical Illness coverage provides Living Life benefits and allows for full recovery
  • Complete protection for pennies a day