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Warranty - Body Armour

How Does It Work?
Bureau Notice

The Canada-West Assurance Company warrants the effectiveness of the Electronic Rust Control Module against rust-through perforation that originated from the inside of the panel, and moved to the outside of the panel on the doors, quarter panels, rocker panels, hood lid, trunk lid, roof, floor boards, body frame and cross members. If corrosion perforation by rusting through action occurs in the areas listed, these areas will be repaired or replaced as determined by the Canada-West Assurance Administration Centre.

For as long as the owner named on the Certificate remains the registered owner of the vehicle, and complies with the conditions of this Warranty, the Body Armour Limited Warranty will be in effect for a period of ten (10) years for New Auto/Light Truck/Demo, or eight (8) years for Factory Buy-Backs, from the date of application.

If the vehicle is not more than five (5) years old on the application date shown on the Certificate, then for the first 72 months of ownership, the terms and conditions of the New Vehicle Body Armour Limited Warranty will apply to used vehicles when the Dealer certifies by issuing this Certificate that the vehicle is clean and in good condition at the time of application. The Dealer must confirm that the Electronic Rust Control Module has been applied (installed) in accordance with the Canada-West Assurance Company procedures.

* See the Limited Warranty for complete details as limitations and restrictions apply.