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Loan Repayment and GAP Protection Products

Loan Repayment Insurance is an option that will protect your investment, in case there’s a financial breakdown.

GAP Protection will help maintain the value of your vehicle even after the market value depreciates. GAP Protection ensures you're paid the negative equity lost during a regular insurance claim.

Balance Shortfall Protection will help protect you and your family by covering the balance shortfall (in full or in part) in the event the unexpected were to happen to you.

Key Replacement Warranty - Nation Safe Drivers Motor Club With Key/Remote Replacement.

Replacement Warranty - When you subscribe to the Replacement Insurance program, if your new car is deemed a total loss due to an accident, a fire, or a theft you're entitled to a current model vehicle comparable to the original vehicle

Care 4 Protection Plan - Dent and Ding Protection, Windshield Repair Protection, Key and Remote Replacement, Rip/Tear/Burn Protection.

Armour Protection Products

First Defence - Theft Armour is a body-panel labelling system that embeds a coded "footprint" in to a series of undisclosed locations on your vehicle.
Body Armour is an Electromagnetic Corrosion Module that induces an RF pulse wave which travels on the surface of the vehicle's sheet metal, both inside and outside. This RF pulse wave helps to inhibit the corrosion process, which occurs naturally on any metal.
Foundation Armour consists of a rubber spray-on product that permanently seals the undercarriage of your vehicle.
Interior Armour provides a barrier of protection inside your vehicle that prevents permanent stains or discolouration.
Paint Armour consists of a revolutionary compound named Xzilon Molecular Adhesion, which is applied to the surface of your vehicle.
Tire & Rim Armour is a warranty protection plan that protects the owner of the contract against the expenses incurred when a tire or rim is damaged by a road hazard.